Opportunity, the Internet, and Personal Goals

The internet really is a place where anyone can do nearly anything. Since it was a driving force for social connection and sharing it has been an open connection for creative people to reach the masses. Today the world is saturated with opportunity for those who care to take it. I care to take it.

I encourage anyone who wants to try a creative profession to do so, the sooner the better. If you think the world is going to hand you a big break, then stick your hand out, palm up, and wait. I know I’m not going to get handed a big break so I’m going to work for it. I work full time and I’m writing. It’s not easy, but I want to provide for my family and get my creativity out there; if I can do both as one that would be great, but until then I continue doing both separately. However, like I said in yesterday’s post I will get published, even if it is self published on Amazon.com.

Thanks to the internet you can put anything out there. If you fancy yourself an artist, put it out there; you like to write, publish it; you make music, create and share. The internet brings together like minded people from around the world. It also brings closed minded people from around the world, but we can’t let that discourage.

Leave a comment if you have a personal goal you’d like to share, success story on how you reached your target audience through the internet, or just something to say.


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