Clock Fighting

Alarm_Clocks_20101105One of the most universally hated sounds known to man is the dreaded alarm clock. It pierces into your dreams and forces you to stir from the comfort of your bed. You might be watching the TV at the start a new episode of your favorite show, while the protagonist is peacefully sleeping the sound of their alarm clock kicks in and you say out loud “Turn that off!” Driving into work, while listening to your favorite radio station they cut to commercial and that incessant buzzing nearly drives you into a ditch.

The alarm clock is a much maligned piece of technology that is a necessary evil for many of us. It is probably the thing I despise most about punching a clock at work. Most of us would wake up at an acceptable time without the alarm clock, but when we have a schedule to keep we don’t risk it.

These days we use our phone, and we still try to find the most annoying, ear piercing, high pitched sound we can find on our phone. Why, because we are gluttons for punishment? Maybe. More likely because in the grand scheme of things the alarm clock is a minor annoyance. However not making it to work on time, or to a scheduled appointment, might make a serious impact on our lives. The alarm clock, however, makes a serious impact on our day and our nerves. And do you really trust your subconscious or your body to wake up at the correct time? I know I don’t. I might be up before 8:00 am, but there is no way I’m waking up before the sun comes up without the aid of a digital rooster.

Then we get to work just to wrestle with another clock, known as the time clock. As if there was some sort of clock that measured distance or volume. I highly doubt that the time clock was invented to benefit the worker, even if it does not create a detriment. The time clock was created so the employer was not robbed of precious time by the work force, but, much like a locked door, it keeps honest people honest.

After we are at work we start to feel that we are at the mercy of the ever present clock. Some people even throw out and cover up clocks to avoid feeling the pressure of waiting for the clock to strike closing time. As we look at the clock it only gives us the feeling of time dilating. Seconds turn into minutes, and minutes into hours. Until the relief of close of business.

Then we go home to start it all over again.

I hope to one day break free of the clock. To not be on such a strict schedule that I require an alarm clock, but only set it for my benefit. To be able to perform my duties without the close eye of the time clock, to keep track of how much I’m engaged in my work. To not have to watch the clock to wait for anything that I dread to end, but only for something I enjoy to begin.

I’m only conveying my opinions, but I’m sure there are many folks who long for that as well. If I’m lucky I will free myself of the clock some day soon; until then, I will carry on, furthering my goal while maintaining my regularly scheduled day.

Is this a goal of yours? How do you plan to liberate yourself from the monotony of the time piece? Leave it in the comment.


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