March On

spring-flower-and-snowA new month has begun and with it the hope of things to come. Spring is on the way. I’m still on the lookout for a new job. I’m still trying to progress my writing, both here and my book. It has been slow going, however.

Work has become rather taxing and it is important to keep an income especially now. Just last week the water main under my house busted. This has pried me away from my computer and kept work short when I have time for other pursuits. I would like to build this blog into something that can provide a supplemental income, but that means providing quality content for the, you, the readers. I am having a hard time doing that with everything going on and the responsibilities that come with them.

I will be writing my book some more this week, and I will be trying to post a new part to The Return Of the Cult (here is pt. 1). I will also be creating a page for The Return Of the Cult to collect all the parts together to make finding simple. I am going to edit in navigation links at the bottom of each part of the story as well.

Stress is definitely something that is getting the better of me right now, but I’m trying to channel that stress into something useful. Please bear with me through all of this and you might get some entertaining words out of the deal. In the mean time, spread the word about this blog. Someone you know might enjoy my stories and anecdotes. Even when my wit escapes me I will try to bring something interesting to read to the table.


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