On Writing and Finding Inspiration

“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying”

–Oscar Wilde

Writing a story that is in my head, I find, is far easier than writing a blog. When I write my story my mind just takes over sometime; then, when I stop I look back at the words and think to myself “wow, did I write that?”

Of course, not every day is like that. Many days are truly work, I plan out the process in a sort of outline, I says “sort of” because it isn’t really intelligible. Then I work from my outline; drawing, coaxing, and pulling the details out of my mind. Yes, it is work. However, I have stories you want to write so I work for those days where my thoughts just flow into words.

This medium of writing that you are reading this moment is a tool. I use it to purge the my thoughts of writing that do not pertain to my stories. More importantly it is a way to connect with readers. Those who might find my stories, thoughts, inspiration, strength, weakness, or various other aspects of what I write, interesting or inspirational as well. I’m also using this tool as a way to learn more about successful writing methods and receive criticism on my writing.

Please check out the part’s one and two of my story The Return Of the CultEven if you’re not familiar with H.P. Lovecraft this is story is a mystery, horror, thriller written from perspective of a former professor gone mad during a rare lucid moment. I’m really looking for feedback. If you are a reader I want to know if you are enjoying the story up to this point, and if it’s easy to read. If you are a writer I want a little more than that, maybe some pointers or constructive criticism. I know, many people say they want constructive criticism, but what they really want is praise; that’s not what I’m looking for, I’m very open to critique at this time. I truly want to build on my writing skill and grow as an author.

You can leave a comment on either part of the story, or you can leave your comment right here.


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