The Writing Process: Part One

or What Comes Down, Must Go Up

“Quantity produces quality. If you only write a few things, you’re doomed.”
-Ray Bradbury

duck-river-flood-126051297201343SpxPreviously I wrote a little about how my life has been quite disrupted by the breaking of a pipe. We are without running water in the house right now, which is rather inconvenient. Maybe inconvenient is too soft a word, a more accurate phrasing would be “a terrible inconvenience” or “a disaster.” I’m sure anyone can imagine, but it is something many of us take for granted.

Besides my home life being disrupted, work has become rather demanding again. The holidays are often slower for our business, than the rest of the year. With the holiday rut firmly in the past we are kicking things back into high gear and pushing to complete some projects. Of course, like many businesses, the upper management fails to understand the magnitude of the projects they have set forth. This leaves us, the peons, with the dilemma of completing tasks in an unreasonable time frame or not completing it on time. We usually opt for doing it right and taking the deadline hit on the front end, that way we can follow up with “see how good we did it.”

Most days when I get done with work I’m either thinking about the house, work, or trying not to think at all. But enough about earthly pursuits, let me embellish about my writing. I have a “process,” if it even qualifies as a process, that is less than professional. First, I’m going to talk about the shortest task, blogging. Then I’ll follow up with the short story, such as The Return Of the Cult. Finally, I’ll finish up with my process for writing a long story, such as the novel I’m working on (working title: Dawn Vernalis).

These blog posts have almost no process, but I’m working on that too. As you can see I’ve started adding a quote at the top. I haven’t quite decided if that’s a hook or just pretentious, but I’m not afraid to be pretentious if it’s right or I just like it. I try to find a quote about writing or inspiration and a photo that is obscurely referenced, even in hyperbole, somewhere in this blog. Most of the article topics just come from my head at the time and I’ll be honest most are written while I have down time at work. The titles usually come from the topic, but I commonly just pull something out of my hat and think, man that sounds good when you say it out loud.

Besides the quote, which I really liked the one I posted at the top of this, I’ve also started trying some other things to draw in readers. You will notice I’ve tried to include a photo in most of my posts. I’ve taken one of these myself, the rest are from public domain or are free stock image sites. I’ve also started scheduling my blogs for peak traffic time. It’s somewhat like predicting the weather; often close, but when it’s off it’s way off. Additionally, if you read this entire post you’ll see that I’m trying the time release article for longer lasting relief as well as acquiring repeat customers.

I will continue in the next article. We still have the short story and the full book process to cover, covers are another topic entirely.


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