“Men weary as much of not doing the things they want to do as of doing the things they do not want to do.”

Eric Hoffer

I know I’ve been silent for a little while. There is the usual excuse: I’ve been busy. There are others, but none of them really matter. The house is still in shambles, but the contractor is going to get us a quote today. We are hoping that this quote will be better for us. We are still seeking assistance, and if you cannot help monetarily, just spreading the word helps tremendously.

I’m begin a little hard on myself over not writing here in few days, I want to keep drawing in readers, and entertaining the ones I have, or at least trying to make sure they don’t regret the time they use to read my posts. That said, I don’t like using excuses, even valid reasons seem like excuse sometimes. However, I do believe that as long as we own up to our mistakes, and make efforts to resolve them, then we can forgive ourselves and, in turn, be forgiven by others.

Another phrase I detest is “it is what it is.” I think that’s a poisoned and stagnant way of thinking. Sometimes, very rarely is something immutable and only then should that phrase be used. Even the laws of physics are being expanded upon and changed as we learn more about the physical universe. Just think if we always thought “it is what it is,” then the human race would have never progressed. Being against that way of thinking is what generates change. The Wright didn’t think that humans couldn’t fly because, “it is what it is.” Marconi didn’t think we could only communicate over wire because, “it is what it is.” Bill Gates didn’t think that only business will have computers because, “hey, it is what it is.” “It is what it is,” is just a quick and lazy way to say, I don’t have a solution to that problem at this time.

Sometimes we don’t have a solution, and maybe the technology isn’t far enough along as a whole to get us that solution in a timely manner. But don’t shrug it off and blame the universe. Take the responsibility to give a reasonable explanation to why we cannot solve this problem. We are all responsible for our actions and inactions, if you can’t fly to another solar system don’t say “it is what it is.” Instead, try finding a reason why, “with the current technology I would succumb to old age before reaching the next solar system. So, for today I will aid in the progression of that technology, so the next generation will be closer to this goal, than I am today.”

Sometimes our goals are just to big, scale it back a bit, then accomplish great things.


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