OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou might have noticed I did a few reblogs. That’s not going to stop, it just may not be quite so “back-to-back,” if you will. I’m trying to be somewhere between manifest destiny and Canadian, when it comes to expanding my audience. I know there is a huge gap between selfishness and selflessness, but I intend to do the normal human thing and try to be the best of both.

Today’s photo comes from epicantus.tumblr.com. You will find that I’m also going to play with the layout a bit. I may even begin some new content ideas. In particular I’ve got an idea to try to bridge the photo with the quote I use in a narrative of 500 words or less. Something short, sweet, and to the point. Practice for me, little nuggets of entertainment for you; costs you nothing but five minutes of your time.

“The best kind of writing, and the biggest thrill in writing, is to suddenly read a line from your typewriter that you didn’t know was in you.”
– Larry L. King

Today however I’m going to skip that since I’m mostly playing with the layout and letting everyone know my nefarious plans. I’m also looking for participation, I want criticism. What do you like, what do you not like, why? Do you want more content, less content, longer content, shorter content (much shorter and I can just use twitter)? The more I know the better I can make this blog. If I get no response, then I must be making the most amazing and beautiful blog yet to exist. If that’s the case, then anyone looking for a content writer, please email me a job offer with salary and available benefits, you can go to my about page or even my about.me page found on the side bar.

Joking aside, anything I reblog will almost definitely be writing related, be it narrative or informational. In addition to all this I’m trying to write a novel (working title: Dawn Vernalis) and a short story (The Return Of the Cult), while trying to keep interesting/entertaining content here, maintaining a full time job, and having a family life. So basically like every other person in the world who has everything going on and trying to move into their desired career from their day job.

All I can say is, anybody can do it, you just need the drive and desire. Oh and the skill to work while mentally and/or physically exhausted.



“Men weary as much of not doing the things they want to do as of doing the things they do not want to do.”

Eric Hoffer

I know I’ve been silent for a little while. There is the usual excuse: I’ve been busy. There are others, but none of them really matter. The house is still in shambles, but the contractor is going to get us a quote today. We are hoping that this quote will be better for us. We are still seeking assistance, and if you cannot help monetarily, just spreading the word helps tremendously.

I’m begin a little hard on myself over not writing here in few days, I want to keep drawing in readers, and entertaining the ones I have, or at least trying to make sure they don’t regret the time they use to read my posts. That said, I don’t like using excuses, even valid reasons seem like excuse sometimes. However, I do believe that as long as we own up to our mistakes, and make efforts to resolve them, then we can forgive ourselves and, in turn, be forgiven by others.

Another phrase I detest is “it is what it is.” I think that’s a poisoned and stagnant way of thinking. Sometimes, very rarely is something immutable and only then should that phrase be used. Even the laws of physics are being expanded upon and changed as we learn more about the physical universe. Just think if we always thought “it is what it is,” then the human race would have never progressed. Being against that way of thinking is what generates change. The Wright didn’t think that humans couldn’t fly because, “it is what it is.” Marconi didn’t think we could only communicate over wire because, “it is what it is.” Bill Gates didn’t think that only business will have computers because, “hey, it is what it is.” “It is what it is,” is just a quick and lazy way to say, I don’t have a solution to that problem at this time.

Sometimes we don’t have a solution, and maybe the technology isn’t far enough along as a whole to get us that solution in a timely manner. But don’t shrug it off and blame the universe. Take the responsibility to give a reasonable explanation to why we cannot solve this problem. We are all responsible for our actions and inactions, if you can’t fly to another solar system don’t say “it is what it is.” Instead, try finding a reason why, “with the current technology I would succumb to old age before reaching the next solar system. So, for today I will aid in the progression of that technology, so the next generation will be closer to this goal, than I am today.”

Sometimes our goals are just to big, scale it back a bit, then accomplish great things.

Just a Little Assistance, Please

20150302_123616This is my baby boy and my dog in the hotel room we are using for running water. We noticed water seeping up through the floor of our house a couple weeks ago and figured with all the cold weather we had a pipe burst. So we did what any homeowner would do, we called the insurance company and if you must know our insurance policy is through State Farm.

Before I tell my story first let me say this, the local office has been great, the contractor they sent out has been very helpful, and the adjuster was very friendly. After the first call a plumber was sent out the same day, he made his assessment and proceeded to get photos. The damage was worse than initially thought. The water completely flooded the closet, bath and kitchen, it also made it into the bedroom and living room, damaging the carpet there. We called the insurance back and they schedule water mitigation for the next morning. The same day water mitigation installed their fans we were booked a hotel room. It’s nice for a hotel room, but it’s not home.

Week next week brought more snow and ice to the area delaying things further and keeping the contractors and insurance company busy. The fans and dehumidifiers were removed from the house, but still no water. then I waited for an appointment with the adjuster. The appointment was earlier this week, as I said she was very friendly. The contractor came out to include his quote and assessment.

Here is what I know has to happen, the pipe is being rerouted along the side of the house, this is direct cost to me, as insurance definitely will not cover this since it’s outside the house. So a trench has to be dug, by hand due to gas lines, from the main to the house. The vanity and tub in the bath have to be moved in order to jackhammer into the concrete slab and run the pipe into the house. The vanity and tub have to be moved back after that is complete, and the closet will need to have some sheet rock replaced and repainted. Additionally the carpet will need be replaced in the closet, bedroom and living room. In the kitchen the kick boards on the cabinets need to be replaced due to exploratory holes (1″ diameter) being drilled in over a dozen spots.

Later the same day the adjuster was out I got a call from the contractor. He told me that the insurance company is under the impression that the damage to the pipe was caused by natural settling, and that they will not cover any of the damages due to this. This leaves me in a bind.

If everything is covered it will cost me $1000 plus the cost of the pipe replacement, if none of this is covered it will cost me the entire job, which I’m going to ask for a copy of the itemized quote, but for now I estimate to be around $5000, which is probably low, but I’ve started a GoFundMe campaign. If you can and would like to help, please go here gofundme.com/ooxibg. Feel free to share this link or this blog with anybody you know. The more of you generous people that see this or the GoFundMe campaign page, the quicker we can get our house back to normal.

Thank you, even if you can’t donate, thank you for your consideration and for reading my story.

Update: My wife has just informed me that the insurance has approved our claim and the work will start Monday. This still leaves the deductible and the work on the pipe outside the house.