Snow and Titles

The weather has taken a serious turn east of the Mississippi River. I’d like to start off by encouraging everyone to be safe. I for one do not appreciate sliding into the office. I hope everyone is getting where they need to be safely, and those that are not required to be anywhere, please stay home. A quick thanks to all those who go out in this mess to keep the rest of us safe.

In my first post, ever, I wrote that I would release the title of my book, I’m wondering now if that’s a really good idea, both legally and creatively. What if I change my title before completion, or some “ne’er-do-well” does something despicable with it. With that in mind I’ve decided to post my jacket synopsis. This is for constructive criticism as well as the opportunity to reach out for some creativity from the community. I’d like to know your title suggestions for a book with my synopsis.

Without further ado:

The world has been all but destroyed. The rich and powerful moved into bunkers underground. One community built their own sophisticated underground complex. Cameron and his best friend, Hunter, volunteer to undergo training to scout the surface. This will be the first scouting party for this community of subterranean members of a society lost to nuclear winter. The winter is long over, what awaits our adventurous duo on the surface?

Please share your thoughts, critiques, and title suggestions in the comments.